Everyone Needs a Friend . . . Even a Town

We gather, preserve, and interpret the history of Arrow Rock, Missouri, and surrounding areas — we are The Friends of Arrow Rock! We believe knowing our history provides a sense of identity, a basis for understanding others, and a foundation on which to build a hopeful future.

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From the Executive Director

Historic Properties

Board and Staff

About the Friends of Arrow Rock

Touring Arrow Rock

Join the Friends of Arrow Rock

More About the Town of Arrow Rock

The Lyceum Theatre

Arrow Rock named one of the Dozen Distinctive Destinations for 2006 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Read the story to learn more.

Current Projects:

Sappington Museum
Black Lodge

Photo Gallery

Past Events:
Gunstocks & Bustles Recap 2004 Anniversary Events

2005 Humanities Lewis & Clark Seminars

2005 Teachers Workshops in Arrow Rock

Friends of Arrow Rock
P.O. Box 124
Arrow Rock, Missouri 65320
(660) 837-3231
Fax: (660) 837-3230
E-Mail: [email protected]

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