Independent Order of oddfellows Lodge

I.O.O.F. Lodge Hall

Independent Order of Odd Fellows No. 40

Although the I.O.O.F organization was founded in 1849, the building standing today was built in 1868 for $3,000. (The Masonic Lodge right across the street was also constructed in 1868). Meetings were held upstairs from 1868 to 1927. The downstairs was rented out to various commercial interests including a newspaper.

The Odd Fellows organization was started in England by working-class men for social activities, for giving aid in finding work, and in providing for a member’s family at time of illness or death (much like insurance and social welfare programs of today). Their motto is “Friendship, Love, and Truth” as symbolized in three links of a chain.

The Arrow Rock Lodge was known for its winter oyster supper and summer fish fry. Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham was a member.

The Lodge Hall upstairs is furnished by the Grand Lodge of Missouri-I.O.O.F. The downstairs houses a collection of early printing equipment owned by the Missouri Press Foundation.