Post Office

Friends of Arrow Rock Office
and Post Office

Along the block of storefront buildings known as “the boardwalk,” you will find two of our properties, the Friends of Arrow Rock headquarters and the town’s Post Office. Both were restored in the early 1990s supported by tax credits through the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). Designed by architect Stuart Hutchison, these buildings carry out the early 1900’s feel while meeting the modern needs of the businesses they house.

The Friends of Arrow Rock office, which was the Arrow Rock Stock Bank from 1901 to 1927, is the starting point for seasonal tours of Arrow Rock. We also offer a wide variety of historical books for sale and free brochures about the Arrow Rock area. We invite you to stop by to see the Christopher Collection of Early Missouri Firearms, as well as works by artist George Caleb Bingham.

The first buildings on this block of the public square were built in the 1850’s as two-story structures. They housed millinery shops, drug stores, banks, dry goods stores, groceries, hardware stores and other mercantile establishments to supply goods and services to a bustling frontier town that was nearing a population of 1,000. A fire in 1901 destroyed this block; the one-story buildings that were rebuilt are what you see today.